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You are about to explore the most developed society across the entire world. Cradled in a pristine mountain valley, two cities pump steam day and night, chasing the ever moving prize of progress. Some will stop at nothing to see their industrial vision advance, while others fight for common people and the natural world they depend on.

A seasoned couple tries try to protect their farm from the encroaching city. A legendary Civil Enforcer attempts to protect those whom he cares for, escaping the violent consequences of his past. A zealous couple fight to protect the land surrounding their city, trying to keep their daughter safe from those who oppose their ideals. The arrival of a young industrial heir fuels conflict, as a more clandestine power grows from within the shadows. But as the struggle over the city grows, a few begin to fear that something ancient and powerful lurks in the deepest part of the valley. An arcane place known by many names, but singularly understood as the valley of death.

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cory sheldon author

Cory Sheldon has made a career out of telling stories and designing worlds. From writing novels, to directing music videos and narrative films, to even designing a cinema lounge, Cory looks at every project as an opportunity to create a reality and then bring people into it.

After studying design in his home state of Ohio, Cory started directing music videos for bands across the country. The medium provided a rich environment to explore small, wonderful stories told in vibrant, animated, hand-crafted worlds. But after exploring different creative endeavors from doing documentary film work to even being a tire designer for Goodyear, Cory has now engaged in the creation of his biggest world yet.

Growing up in a post-industrial city that ran across a national park, Cory constantly experienced the juxtaposition of soil and steel. This certainly lead to the creation of the world experienced through Valley of Progress. Nostalgic, futurist and pushing into the supernormal, Cory invites you to experience this new world. Join in, progress awaits!

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Out now, you can get your own copy of Valley of Progress : Chigou, and the first archive titled Valley of Progress : The Murde Mountains. There are two more novels beings being developed for the series as well as two more archives - novellas which tell the history of the valley.

Be sure to also explore the sights and sounds of the valley over in the Catalog section. You can discover technical drawings and illustrations of steam powered, high performance vehicles as well as many natural wonders of the valley. There are also sounds you can acquire to accompany your reading experience. Press on and discover, for progress awaits!